Appellant Designation of Record

Step 1.  Select Bankruptcy.

Step 2.  Select Appeal from the Pleadings category.

Step 3.  Ensure that the correct case name and the number match the document you are filing.

Step 4.  Select Appellant Designation.   

Step 5. Select the Party.  If the party is not listed,  click Add/Create Party  

Step 6.  Browse, Verify, Attach, the document (pdf file).

Step 7. Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

Step 8.  The Appellant Designation due date:  Date appears in box.  Also, select docket entries which are to be associated with the above schedule(s).

Step 9. Docket text appears.  If applicable, add pertinent information - names, titles, property. etc.  Click Next

Step 10.  Final text screen appears, confirm data.   Click Next

Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction.  You will have no further opportunity to modify this submission if you continue.