Clerk's Staff - (479)582-9800

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Name Title Telephone # Digits E-Mail
Bell, Allison Case Administrator 479-582-9816 90-98
Fiallos-Flores, Jessica Case Administrator 479-582-9826 81-89
Greenhaw, Kay Divisional Manager 479-582-9803
Rolfs, Jean Clerk of Court 501-918-5500 spacer
Schacherbauer, Linda Data Quality Analyst 479-582-9818 99
Stanley, Lori Case Administrator 479-582-9814 72-80
Williams, Lisa Case Administrator 479-582-9819 62-71

Judge's Staff

Judge Ben T. Barry

Name Title Telephone # E-Mail
Long, Tisha Staff Attorney 479-582-9808
Longino, Jim Senior Staff Attorney 479-582-9807
Payne, Marcy Courtroom Deputy 479-582-9809
Squires-Carter, Angie Relief Courtroom Deputy 479-582-9810