CM/ECF Glossary

Adobe Acrobat
Application used almost universally to create and view PDF documents.

An additional supporting document filed electronically with a pleading.

Automatic E-mail Notification
A CM/ECF feature that permits any attorney who is a registered ECF user to receive notification of the filing of a case or document via email. Users can choose to receive separate notifications throughout the day or an end-of-day summary.

Adversary Proceeding
A method of handling disputes that may arise during the course of a case; literally a lawsuit within a bankruptcy case; generally initiated by a complaint; generally requires a filing fee. The Bankruptcy Rules establish the types of disputes that are considered adversary proceedings. See contested matter.

The correction of or addition to any document filed with the court.

A Windows operation of navigation through directories via a mouse or key stroke combination.

A classification of similar document types. Category selections appear as hypertext links under the Bankruptcy and Adversary menu selections.

Check Box
A selection tool designed so that a user can choose one or more items from a list.

Case Management/Electronic Case Filing is a web based application where attorneys can file cases and documents electronically via the Internet.

A common suggested value displayed by CM/ECF on a screen. If correct, you may accept them; if incorrect, you type over them.

To make a brief entry of any proceeding in a court of justice onto a docket sheet.

Docket Sheet
A list in chronological order of all court proceedings and documents filed. A formal record, entered in brief, of the proceedings in a court of justice. A document containing an entry of all the important acts done in court in the conduct of each case, from its inception to its conclusion.

Drop Down Box
A window listing selections of data alphabetically in a text box. They are used throughout CM/ECF for making selections. When a user sees the selection they want to make, the user may click to highlight it. To make multiple selections, hold the control key down when making the second (third, etc.) selection.

ECF (Electronic Case Filing)
An electronic case management/case filing system used throughout the federal judiciary.

An ECF menu item that corresponds with the pleading being filed.

Hypertext (HTML) Link
A hypertext link is a URL imbedded in an html (hypertext markup language) document most often underlined. It permits the user to move from one area (or topic) to another in a web based program.

Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing
A CM/ECF document that is generated at case opening with all the substantive information of the case. The Entry Date appears on the local court seal displayed on this formal notice. When the petition is submitted by an attorney both the date and the time of filing appear. This official document can be used to enforce collection and foreclosure activities of creditors.

Notice of Electronic Filing
An electronic document produced by CM/ECF which certifies filing of each document with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

PDF Document
A Portable Document Format document is a type of imaged document created by Adobe Acrobat. Each document is secured with a unique encrypted key. All documents filed in CM/ECF must be in PDF format with the exception of the creditor list (matrix) which must be UPLOADED using a file in a text (.txt) format.

Pro Hac Vice
For this one particular occasion. For example, an out-of-state attorney may be permitted to practice in a local jurisdiction for a particular case only. See Local Rule 2090-1.

Radio Button
A round selection button used to choose items from a list. Radio buttons are designed so that you can chose only one item.

URL is a short for Universal Resource Locator. URLs are the naming scheme used to find Web Pages. A URL is similar to a street address. The URL for the Arkansas Eastern and Western Districts is